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Elizabeth Warren for Middlebury Straw Poll

We believe that our system of government is broken. Our politicians govern under the sway of big money and special interests, and the country’s most recent efforts at bringing in an outsider has resulted in a largely criminal administration and over a month of government shutdown. Our country needs someone who understands how Washington works, but it is clear Americans will not accept another establishment candidate.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren spent her life tackling the problems that still plague middle class working America. She became a senator to help challenge the status quo and to break down barriers through opportunities she had earned. Today, she is the perfect candidate to blend a real working class American background with a deep understanding of how to get things done in Washington to create the most efficient and for-the-people government possible.

    So what needs to get done? Senator Warren’s priorities include overhauling our failing education system, creating accountability on Wall Street, and saving our disappearing middle class. None of that happens if we do not first fix our government.

Washington is broken. We need a candidate to fix it. Elizabeth Warren 2020. 

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Election Day

January 28th - 31th, 2019

Join the Middlebury community and vote for a 2020 Democratic primary candidate in the Middlebury Straw Poll. The data will be sent to all the candidate's campaigns to help develop their future strategies.  Help your candidate and our community gain helpful information for the 2020 primary.



If you have any more questions about Senator Warren, Election Day, or the Middlebury Straw Poll, please contact us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.

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